ZuriLee Pizza Bar in Flatbush is serving up Neapolitan-Caribbean fusion pizzas that are sure to tantalize taste buds.

Co-owned by brothers Paul Burrowes and Jermaine, who also run the popular Caribbean spot Mangoseed a few doors down, ZuriLee’s wood-fired pies have toppings inspired by their Guyanese heritage.

These include bake and saltfish and jerk chicken, as well as oxtail pizza—a specialty of Jermaine’s that customers can’t seem to get enough of! The restaurant also offers sides like edamame, brussels sprouts with smoked trout, and other creative dishes along with craft cocktails perfect for summer nights.

Named after the middle names of the owners’ daughters, ZuriLee is an homage to their favorite things: bicycles for Paul’s cycling career and Air Jordans for Jermaine’s love of sneakers.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zurileebklyn/


What Happened To Zurileepizza.com

By merging with wonderpizzaUSA, the Burrowes brothers have been able to reach a larger and more diverse audience that they would have had access to in the past. 

This Website allows them to collaborate more closely with their readers, give advice and share their knowledge on everything from how to make a perfect crust to what toppings go well together. 

They can also discuss their favorite recipes for those looking for inspiration. With the help of this website, Paul and Jermaine can maintain a presence in the pizza world without having to manage their own website. 

In addition, they have an opportunity to be even more dedicated and passionate about sharing their love of pizza with the world!   

Their opinion and knowledge is invaluable to anyone looking to make the perfect pizza, so their content is of great value. 

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The brothers are both experts in the world of pizza, providing readers with the best recipes and advice for making the most delicious and unique pies. Their approach brings together many different elements of cooking for a truly unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether it’s an innovative topping combination or an unconventional flavor profile, Paul and Jermaine have always been there to provide guidance and ideas on creating something new and exciting. They are constantly experimenting with flavors, which helps them create fresh ideas for their customers to enjoy! 

Between their passion for food, creative mindsets, and expert analysis when it comes to content before publication, Paul and Jermaine Burrowes are a force to be reckoned with in the pizza world. 

They will continue to create unique, delicious pizzas that keep customers coming back for more! 

And now thanks to their merger with wonderpizzaUSA, the brothers can share their knowledge and recipes beyond the confines of their own website. So if you’re looking for delicious new recipes or tips on creating the perfect pie, there’s no better place than ZuriLee Pizza Bar and wonderpizzaUSA!

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